How To Make Your Dog Picture Perfect

Having dogs to pose for camera can be very tough. So here’s 5 simple ways on how to make your dog look glamorous on cam!

1.  Voice.  Making different sound like whistling, quack like a duck or other unfamiliar sound at the back of the camera will definitely get your dog’s attention.


Source: japantrendshop

2. Toys. Hold your dog’s favorite toy while holding your camera will make it easy for your dog to look at the camera.

Source: simplydogbehavior

3. Treats.  Foods are perfect way to get your dog’s attention.

Source: sematicnoise

4. Cover Ups. It’s either you hide your camera or let your dog wear something to cover the eyes so that they won’t notice the camera.

Source: collegehumor

5. Other Distractions. Whatever that distracts your dog and getting their your attention will do.

Source: gettyimages

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