How To Plan A Real-Life Doggie Party (Part 1)


Let’s throw a puppy party! Your little bundle of fur and wet kisses is with you for the long haul, so why not celebrate with your friends? There are plenty of themes to choose from and dozens of reasons to have a party.

For every event, consider whom you should invite, what the event should be celebrating, where the event will take place, when it will happen and how you’re going to make it happen. All of the answers to these questions need to be considered because good planning is key to making the event a success!


The Details

Do you just want to see your Pug in a tutu? Or do you want to watch your Greyhound romp with his friends? Perhaps you want to ring in the big 1st year birthday for your pooch. Here are just a few reasons and seasons to celebrate:

– A winter holiday party
– A “muttrimony”
– Halloween
– Fourth of July
– A Hawaiian hula party
– Obedience school graduation
– A birthday
– Valentine’s day
– Christmas
– St. Patrick’s Day
– A swimming party

The list of reasons to throw a doggie party goes on and is limited only by your imagination. The next step is to consider your budget. How much do you want to spend on the event and where do you want the money to go: fabulous invitations, killer decorations or catered food? Will you be buying an over-the-top costume for yourself and your pooch?

The Time & Place

When and where go hand in hand – or paw in paw, actually! For instance, a themed party might dictate when you’ll throw your bash. If you want the dogs to be able to run around outside, a winter holiday party might not be what you are looking for – unless you live in a year-round warm climate area.

Think about a location that is available to you. Outside spaces to consider are your backyard, a public park, a dog run, a dog-friendly beach or a friend’s place. When considering a public area, like a park, be sure to follow the rules. If you choose a public space that requires dogs to be leashed and your four-legged friends are running around unattached, being asked to leave will put a damper on your fun time.

Also, if you choose a public place, remember cleanup bags. Leaving a landmine of feces around will not only affect you and your guests, but also the future use of the place as a dog-friendly environment.

Think about how long you want your party to go on. Will you be in an area, such as a dog park, where the dogs can run around for a few hours and the humans can kick back and hang out, or is an hour more realistic? Along with start time, be sure to include an end time to the party. That way your guests will know what to expect, and when it’s time to go home.