Hungry Mother Dog Roams The Streets Begging For Help

A dog loose on the streets is a big issue.  But a dog walking around and looking like a bag of bones, suffering from canine Eclampsia is an even bigger issue!

Eclampsia or the “milk fever” is an emergency medical condition associated with a  life-threatening drop in blood calcium levels that occurs in nursing mothers. Eclampsia is not due to an overall lack of calcium; it merely indicates that the nursing female cannot mobilize sufficient supplies of stored calcium quickly enough to meet her metabolic needs.  Dogs with Eclampsia show painful and limited movements, with their muscles twitching and convulsing.

Eclampsia usually affects those very good mothers who think of their pups first even before themselves.   They become emaciated but they still continue to care for their pups.

Everything about this mamma tells us she is in dire need!   Fortunately, she receives the rescue of her life as well as her new born puppies.  Thank you very much to a very active and dedicated animal control group.

WATCH her heartbreaking struggle that results to heartwarming rescue.

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