Is Poodle Training Really A Breeze?

Poodles are a highly intelligent dog which makes Poodle training a breeze. They can be very obedient pets as long as you approach the training with a clear plan. Teaching your poodle will be a breeze if it is done with a sense of firmness and consistency. Many people think these dogs are stubborn or difficult, but what they really want is to please their owner. An owner who doesn’t spend the proper time early on is likely to be frustrated with their dog in years to come. Don’t let you or your puppy fall into this trap.CIMG4956

Probably the more important part of poodle training is consistency. Praise the puppy when they do something right every time. Don’t try teaching your puppy too many things at once. This will only serve to confuse them as to what you want. If you start with teaching your puppy to get used to a leash while you take them outside to go potty, you can combine these two things together. But avoid trying to teach them when it is inappropriate to bark or what things not to chew on until they have mastered going outside or heeling on the leash. Do not punish your pet by striking them. A firm but non-angry voice is the best way to reprimand your puppy. Stare at them while reprimanding them until they look away.

Poodle training should also be done by one person initially. When they are comfortable with you and the leash, you can introduce someone else using the same commands. They should quickly respond to the commands of this new person, however all new training should be started by you. Your puppy is not going to learn to go potty outside on the first time you take them outside. They may successfully go outside, and if they do praise them highly for it. But this does not mean they are potty trained – patience on your part is very important. These are highly intelligent dogs; they may get bored with training. If they start to lose focus, step up the pace or add a new command for them to learn.

Praise your poodle often when they are successful during training. While it does take patience, keep with it. In the end a well trained poodle can be very obedient and a joy to take with you everywhere. There are more tips on Poodle training at