Is Puppy Training Yorkies A Piece of Cake?

Are you getting a new Yorkie and are concerned how difficult the puppy training will be? Well stop worrying. Yorkshire Terriers are extremely bright dogs with high energy levels and a sincere desire to please. Because of this they are a real joy to train. If fact, many of the things you may have heard about Yorkies being ‘difficult’ actually are the results of dogs that are not trained properly – not given enough to ‘do’. Keep your Yorkie busy and they will reward you will good behavior and years of delightful companionship. Remember, Yorkies are working dogs and will flourish under the ‘work’ of training.maxresdefault

Puppy training gives your Yorkie something to work for. Yorkshire Terriers were first bred as hunters to help clear away vermin. They are resourceful, dedicated, tenacious and have a strong work ethic – they want to accomplish something. Training them gives them something to accomplish. By rewarding them when they do well you are reinforcing that sense of accomplishment they crave. Yorkies learn so quickly and are such a delight to train. They have a large vocabulary and can learn fairly complicated strings of commands. You will find that training sessions are so enjoyable that they will fly by.

In addition to focused puppy training sessions, your Yorkie will respond well to ‘house rules’. Canine culture is radically different than human culture. You will need to understand what parts of his new life are foreign to your puppy and help him learn the new cultural expectations. Keep your rules consistent and fair – you can’t give him an old shoe to chew on and then be angry when he finds other shoes to sink his teeth into. Much of the success of training will rely on your ability to see things through his eyes. Read books on the breed and learn to interpret his signals for better progress in all types of training.

Puppy training should be considered a necessary part of your new life together. You want your Yorkie to integrate fully into your family and to be well-behaved enough that you can take him out with you and really make him a part of your life. This means you need to spend the time to teach him how you expect him to behave. Training your Yorkie will not only be a piece of cake, but it will be bonding time that will strengthen your relationship for years to come. To learn more log on to