Is Your Dog Paw-sitively Healthy?

Is Your Dog Paw-sitively Healthy?


Dogs’ paws are the most injury-prone compared to every other body part.  While most of these paw injuries are minor and can heal quickly, the affected paws would make it painful for your dog to walk on.

How can you help take care of your dog’s paws? 


1. Every time you take your dog out for a walk or hike or any physical activities, take a quick look at their pads and in between their toes for any injury.


2. Maintain the length of your dog’s nails by trimming out their dewclaws.  If their nails are left on their own, its dewclaws can painfully curl around and even infect their paws.


3. Watch how your dog walks as it may help you spot trouble with its feet before risky complications arise. Keep in mind that if your dog is going to be outside in an area with rough terrain, or walking on surfaces that are especially cold or hot, doggy booties can help protect its paws from injury.


4.  Infected paws are smelly and hot.   Take them to the vet immediately for appropriate medication.

5.  If your dog is constantly licking at its paws, it could be because they are attempting to relieve the discomfort.  But constant licking to an infected paw will cause the paw to become swollen and red.


Take care of your dog’s paws because . . .

Healthy Pawz means Happy Dog! 


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