K9 Partner and Wife Give Honor For Cop Who Died In a Car Crash


This six year old German Shepherd police dog named Blek has shown true loyalty to his partner when they were involved in a head-on collision with a van that was driving the wrong way.

Blek’s partner, Lt. Eric Eslary of the Pennsylvania Police had died instantly in the crash.  But the dog remained by his side until help came.

It was a difficult grief to overcome for both Mary Beth Taylor-Eslary, the wife, and the dog.   Their touching story has become viral that a photographer named Christy Boyd reached out offered to help the grieving family by inviting them to a photo shoot.

It was an emotional event.  But Mary Beth says that Blek is also recovering back to his old self.

Blek will likely soon be officially retired into life as a pet, and take care of his new partner Mary Beth.

A photo series can never capture every part of their relationship, but their photographer, Christy Boyd says she hoped to produce some images that would represent this family’s bond and their loss.

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