Know the Meaning Behind Every Dogs’ Instinctive Moves

Dogs instinct are the pretty unusual thing they do. Know the meaning of these instinct so that you will understand them more.

1. Digs a hole. Dogs might dig as a way to cool down, bury bones or chase prey that bury in the ground.

Source: ammothedachshunds

2. Licking your face. Experts believe that this behavior can be traced during dogs infant stage that when they’re hungry they just lick their mother’s nose and snout as a way of asking. So when your dog keeps on licking on you first meaning would be they’re hungry.

Source: petadviser

3. Rolls in something smelly. What smells terrible to you is actually quite interesting to your dog. His instinct tell hims to spread the news. By rolling into the scents he can bring the message that he has found something.

Source: articlewn

4. Covers his poops.  Dogs have scent glands in their paws that are activated when they scratched the ground. Those mark them as their property that has their signature on.


Source: meetthepooches

5. Circles before lying down. It simply means that they are preparing for rest.


Source: walltor

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