My Dachshund Won’t Stop Barking!

Barking is part of being a dog.  Occasional barking is normal, as it is also one of their ways of communicating. But excessive barking is already a nuisance, and Dachshunds are notorious for their relentless barking.  Their barking has reached to the point where it is already very annoying and you are getting irritated looks from your neighbors.

So why won’t my Dachshund stop barking????? Here are possible reasons: 

1.  Your Doxie is BORED. Any dog that doesn’t get enough exercise will become restless and frustrated. Dachshunds that aren’t taken for enough walks or given enough toys may bark simply because they have nothing better to do.

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2. Your Doxie has Separation Anxiety.  If you leave your dachshund alone for long periods during the day, she may start to howl and earn you some complaints from the neighbors.

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3. Your Doxie is feeling Territorial.  A lot of dogs will bark at strangers or other dogs they spot wandering into their territory. Even an innocent passerby can be perceived as a territorial threat.

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4. Your Doxie is seeking more Attention.  Dachshunds are very social creatures, and they need human interaction on a regular basis. Neglect can lead to excessive barking, which we tend to reinforce with attention.


Take careful observation on what causes your Dachshund to bark, why they’re barking and what they’re barking at.  Identify the cause in order to properly address the problem.

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Dachshunds can be enthusiastic barkers, and excessive barking can be difficult to put a stop to sometimes. If you just can’t seem to get your dog to quiet down, you may want to consider seeing an obedience trainer or a dog behaviorist.

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