OMG! Shocked Dogs has seen what cannot be unseen!

What these Dogs have SEEN or HEARD, I can’t imagine! But their Shocked faces are too Funny!! HAHAHA!

1. “You did WHAAAAAAAT?!”

source: htpuppiescb

2. Shocked face selfie

source: stuntgranny

3.  “Too good to be true!”

source: collegehumor

4.  “Wha-! Don’t block my sun, dude!”


5. “That was my favorite show!!”

source: photobucket

6.  “WOW! Thanks for taking me here!”

source: imgur

7. “ALL THIS TIME, You hid my treats inside the house?”

source: pbh2

8. HAHA! Shocked dog knows how to tell stories!

source: themetapicture

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