12 Dogs Who Have No Idea How To Use Furniture. LOL! Super Funny!

Although these dogs are not sure how to use human furniture, they try to look totally cool. LOL! Can’t stop laughing. I mean, look at their faces!

Probably the funniest pictures ever!


1.“What? Am I doin’ it wrong?”

2. “Man, I’m soooo tired…”

3. “It’s been a rough day…”

4. Totally cool!

5.”So bored. Nothing to do here…”

6.”Like this? I can handle this…”

7. “om nom nom…”

8. “Awww… Don’t worry, baby! Mommy will help you!”

9. Like a boss.

10. “Please, don’t laugh. Come on…. Stop it! Not cool…”

11. “Yeah, this bed feels good…”

12. “Hey buddy, come over here! American Idol is starting right now!”

Source: sadanduseless