Picking The Wrong Dog, Plus 7 Other Sins Dog Owners Commit

1. Picking the Wrong Dog (or Getting a Dog Before You’re Ready).  Humans often fall hard to those puppy-dog eyes.  But you need to get a clear head to make practical decisions if that dog is really for you.   Make the right decision to give life to a happy dog.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before getting that adorable dog:

  • Do you have time for the dog?
  • Are you willing to put up with shedding, messes, illnesses, behavior problems and more?
  • Can you afford the dog?
  • Is the dog’s size appropriate for your living space?
  • Will your current pets tolerate the addition?


2. Not Offering Enough Exercise and Activity.  Some dogs need more exercise than others, but most need more than simple walks.  If your dog seems restless, bored, hyperactive, excited or overweight, this means your dog needs more exercise.  Dogs also need mental stimulation such as nose work and tracking.


3. Not Giving Training and Socialization.  Some dogs are more intelligent and adaptive.  But all dogs need at least some training for them to know the rules.  Training is actually enrichment for dogs.   Training and Socialization with children, adults, animals, objects and situations come hand in hand.


Socialization allows a dog to get used to things in the environment, like children, other adults, other animals, objects, environments, and various situations.

4. Avoiding the Veterinarian.  Are you one of those people who wait until you dog is sick to go to the vet? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of dog owners skip or put off routine vet visits unless something obviously wrong is going on with their dogs.


Well, this is not the best way to treat your dog because most dogs are fond of hiding their illness until it becomes unbearable.



5.  Failing to Budget for Dog Expenses.  Dog ownership costs money. Make sure your budget includes all of the routine costs like food, dog supplies and veterinary care.  There are also extra costs like training and hiring a pet sitter when you’re too busy.  There are lots of ways to save money on dog expenses, but you still need a budget.  Don’t forget emergency dog funds! Allow for the unexpected.



6.   Improper Feeding.  Never overfeed. Food is not love.  All dog foods are not created equal. Before buying a dog food and treats, you should check labels, read reviews and talk to your vet or dog experts to know how to properly feed your dog.



7.  Ignoring Dental Health.  Please forget about the common notion that doggie breath is normal.  Because it’s not.  Dog breath or halitosis is one sign of a dental disease.  When your dog has poor dental health, this can lead to  to tooth loss and even systemic diseases like kidney failure and heart disease.


Prevent this by committing to a tooth-brushing routine or purchasing dental care treats your dog can enjoy.  You can also opt for a professional veterinary dental cleaning once in a while.


8.  Risking a Lost Dog.  Dogs are lost every day. Some are even stolen.  Here are suggestions to protect your dog:

  • Keep them on a leash
  • Don’t leave them unattended
  • Put an ID tag to your dog’s collar
  • Microchipping


Don’t let your dog become a homeless pet inside an overcrowded shelter!


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