Survey Results on Dog’s Relation to Humans is Overwhelming!

A dog doesn’t care about your status in the society.  Whether or not you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull for as long as you show your love to them they will give it back to you 100% or even more.

1. 37% of dog owners display the picture of their dogs at home.

Source: aflipenlife

2. 36% of dogs get birthday gifts from their owners.

Source: forusperu

3. 10% of dog lovers carry the picture of their dogs in their wallets. 

Source: zazzle

4. 34% of dogs go on family vacations.

Source: pets4you

5. 80% of owners talk to their dogs and their dogs responded back with special sounds, expressions in the face and changes in body language.

Source: plusgoogle

6. 80% of dogs can sense changes in their owners moods and they try to make them happy.

Source: sjcreationsinc

7. 36% of dogs watch television!

Source: youtube

8. 27% of dogs are included in the family photograph.

Source: pixsharks

9. 90% of owners expect their dogs to come to rescue when in distress.

Source: posterlounge

10. 16% owners consider their dogs’ convenience when buying a vehicle.

Source: photoglamur


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