The 8 Young Delinquent Labradors

These Labrador Retrievers are going through a stage we are all familiar with: Becoming the rebellious teen.  Young and Wild and Free, that’s what they are!

As Dog parents, all we can do is to be loving and understanding and patient and hopeful that this stage of delinquency doesn’t last long.

1. He don’t like to play fetch no more. 

Source: memeguy

2. Kiddie pool is no longer appealing. Looking for bigger pools! 

Source: pawnation

3. Motivated only by their passions – this one wants to become an action star.  

Source: googleplus

4. He doesn’t like the cake.  Cash please!  I want Cash! 

Source: tumblr

5. Thinks this is the COOL way to use the stairs. 

Source: barkpost

6. Pretending to ignore kids and looking for more mature companions.  

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7. Too much excitement during meet ups with pals! 

Source: pinterest

8. Playing crazy and cute with his eyes just to get what they want! 

Source: 4gifs


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