The Importance Of Socialization In Dog’s Life

Socialization and frequent interaction with humans and other dogs teaches your dog to behave calmly in public. It is critical to a dog’s overall health.  Did you know that lack of socialization also affects the physical health of dogs?


1. Limited Exercise – When your dog misbehaves on a walking, barking at any other dogs in the parks, jumping or pulling the leash, you might lessen your exposure from the outside. Also, less exercise leads obesity!


Source: theblissfuldog

2. Fear causes changes in hormone levels – Fear to unusual situations stresses your dog which creates hormonal response that releases adrenalin and cortecosteriods that increases heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Socializing your dog will help them deal with their stress.

Source: greatpyr

3. Grooming can become dangerous – Going to the groomer can cause a great deal of stress for you and your dog if they are uncomfortable. For some, this can make the grooming process entirely impossible unless the dog is restrained.

Source: myminidoxie

4. Difficulty in every vet visit – Many dogs become aggressive with the vet simply because they are afraid.  Your vet may also find it difficult to objectively evaluate heart and lungs if your pet’s heart is racing because of the release of adrenalin and corticosteroid. This could mean your vet might not be able to provide the care that is necessary for your dog.

Source: weloveourlabrador

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