The Meaning Of The Groans and Sighs of Your Dog

Aren’t dogs such drama queens? They sigh and groan as if they carry the weight of the world over their shoulder!


Well, these dogs are trying to convey a message to you.  Groaning and sighing are pretty common dog sounds and they can express diverse emotions such as happiness and frustration.


Learn the meaning behind this dog language:

1.  “Oh, yeah. That feels awesome.” If he starts groaning or sighing when you’re petting him, it is not a sign of discomfort. He’s are actually expressing his genuine delight. Please continue, your dog said.


2. “I’m so tired . . . I’m so sleepy . . .” You’re dog has spent his energy.  Best to not bother him and let him take a rest.


3. “I surrender . . .” Sighing can sometimes also mean defeat. For instance, your dog was eyeing some of your food while you were eating and he now realizes he’s not getting any.


4. “I don’t feel so well, mommy.” You can mistake sighing for wheezing, which is a common indication of respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis.


They could be in pain. If that is the case, it’s time for a trip to the vet to verify if their medical condition.


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