This Deaf Dog Is “Too Ugly To Love” But Still Hoping For Adoption

Some people has commented that a deaf dog with different colored eyes was just ”too ugly to love”. 

This dog, named Buddy, has already been up for adoption for two years now.  Buddy’s fellows at the adoption home Dog’s Trustwhere he lives, was already able to relocate more than 1,000 dogs to their new homes for the past year.

Buddy is already 4 years old and was born with heterochromia, which means his eyes differ in color from each other.  He is also deaf.  Some may be put off with his weird eyes while some may think that learning doggy sign language is too tasking.

I say  Buddy is adorable! 

Susan Tonner, manager of the Dogs Trust in West Lothian, said,  “He is good in cars, he travels really well. We’ve had him in a house so we know he’s house-trained. He is very, very friendly, it just needs somebody to build up some time and trust with him.”

Buddy is described as “easy-going” “cheeky” and “fun-loving”.

However, his deafness means that he needs patient owners.  “He would benefit from a calm home with owners who have experience in teaching a dog some sign language and hand signals. An adult home with a secure garden would suit him best as he likes to spend the days pottering around in the garden.”

Source: huffingtonpost

Any takers?

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