This Labrador Pitbull Mix Ordered to be Euthanized Gets a Second Chance at Life

Lefty, a nine-year-old labrador pitbull mix, had been ordered to be euthanized but recently, the decision was reversed and a judge decided that Lefty will live out the rest of his life in a rescue shelter.

Source: facebook

Lefty’s legal battles started in 2011. An animal control officer testified that Lefty has been involved in five dog fights, which resulted to the death of two dogs. But according to Lefty’s owners, the dogs died due to their owners waiting too long to get them medical treatment.

Source: facebook

A Facebook page was created to help bring Lefty home. Check out the page here.

Connie Wojciewchowski, Lefty’s owner, said that her dog is going to live but her family and her grandchildren won’t be able to be with him. She added that when Lefty was at the shelter, he lost about nine pounds, got an infection, and was attacked by a cat. Connie still hopes that Lefty will be happy in the shelter.