This Puppy is Half Bulldog – Full of Love

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Well, when I first saw Bonsai the Bulldog, I instantly fell in love!!

But Bonsai, a rescued English Bulldog, is more than just a sweetie . . . because at just a few months old, he has gone through quite a lot already.

Bonsai was born with multiple deformities, including half of a spine and a missing pelvis, which prevented him from sitting, standing, and walking. His flat chest and immobility are similar to a condition known as Swimmer’s Syndrome.  However, Bonsai’s case is even dangerous because of his malformed hind legs.

Among the long list of medical conditions, Bonsai’s hind legs were the biggest problem, his only cause of pain.  Thus, the doctors decided to amputate his hind legs to give him a happy life.

His surgery was made more difficult because he could not breath properly with his small lungs. The surgeon worked upside-down!

The operation was successful.  Bonsai proved to be a strong little fighter! He now looks like half of a Bulldog, but fully lovable!

Bonsai will be going through lots of intensive rounds of muscle therapy and rehabilitation.  It is very good that he has become playful once again.  Luckily, he has an older brother  who is also a double amputee who inspires him.

Let’s pray and hope for Bonsai’s full recovery!

Source: countryliving

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