Trending BARF Diet For Dogs

Lots of dogs have started the BARF Diet.  Their owners have switched to this diet in an effort to provide their dogs the quality food.


The acronym sounds less than appealing, but it stands for Bones And Raw Food  the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.



The philosophy behind the BARF diet is that dogs should be offered a nutritional plan that resembles the diet that their ancestors ate in the wild: uncooked meat, edible bones, organs, and plants.  What’s more, dog owners can take comfort knowing they are not feeding their dog with processed food!


BARF Diet remains a bit controversial to the conservative owner.  But if you look at the modern sled dogs, they typically eat a BARF diet because raw meat is readily available in the wilderness.


Your dog can benefit a lot with eating BARF Diet!

  • Significant changes to overall health
  • A shiny coat
  • Healthy skin
  • Clean teeth
  • High energy levels
  • Smaller stools


Making the switch to BARF Diet:

Owners interested in adopting a BARF diet for their dogs should conduct as much research as possible before selecting a plan.


BARF diet has lots of variations, so it will be important to choose a plan that meets a family’s budget, comfort level, and provides the maximum amount of nutrition. It can be useful to work with a dog nutritionist that specializes in raw feeding plans.


As with any dog food switch, the change will have to happen gradually to help the dog adapt. Raw foods will be introduced slowly into the dog’s regular kibble meals.



The dog can take a partial BARF Diet – eating cooked meat instead of raw meat.   Over time, more raw food will be added as kibble is subtracted.



A raw feeding plan is a personal choice. As long as the owner is watchful and safe, and consults with a vet or nutritional expert on how to provide nutritional balance, owners can feel comfortable making the switch to a BARF diet.


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