Unbelievable Dogs Flying! [Totally awesome!]

Admit it! There were times in your life that you wished you can have the most awesome pet in the world and that would be your very own flying pooch! What more can you ask for than a dog that flies? Check out these awesome dogs that seem to make a dream a reality:

1. “Cue in favorite R. Kelly song:  I believe I can fly…”

source: pets-to-me.blogspot

2.  “I must go, my master needs help!”

source: pets-to-me.blogspot

3.  “Look mom! Flying is easy, it’s just like swimming in AIR!”

source: attackofthecute

4.  “I’m gonna be the first dog to FLY  across the English Channel”

source: holytaco

5.  “IronDogs squadron request permission to land, over.”

source: holytaco

6.  “Hover mode initiated.”

source: animalplanet

7. “Adventure is out there!”

source: britishexpats


8. “Distance means nothing to me.”

source: comfortablydomestic

9.  “Because running is not fast enough for playing tag!”

source: puppytoob

10. “I don’t want to get my paws wet, thank you!”

source: deltavillevignettes.blogspot

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