What Dog Toy Has Killed This Dog


A Rottweiler has died a day after playing with rubber ball dog toy.


Maximus the Rottweiler had a swollen and wounded tongue after playing with a rubber Kong ball or the Pimple ball with a single hole in it; the hole had suctioned the dog’s tongue.

If you have one of these Kong balls, please don’t give it to your dog anymore! 

In just one day at the vet, the bill reached $3,700.  The vet has offered to take away a major portion of the tongue. But the dog owner wouldn’t allow.

Sadly, Maximus died a day later because of the mouth injuries.

The flaw in the Kong ball is because of its having only one hole which can create a vacuum effect.

Other dogs also fell victim to this deadly dog toy.  Last 2008, a dog’s mouth also got stuck inside the singular hole of the pimple ball.

source: urdogs

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