What Your Dog Tells You When You Walk Them

Sometimes when we take our dog for a walk, they have this weird actions that we don’t understand and that sometimes lead to postponing the walk for another day. Know the meaning of these action and for the next schedule of your walk, you and your dog can have a stress free and a productive walk for the day.

1. The dog is continuously stopping and chewing the leash during the walk.

Interpretation:  I am feeling ignored. I need more attention and love.

Source: myminidoxie

2. Your dog sniffing and approaching you slowly as you yell at him for running away. 

Interpretation: Don’t yell at me please. I offer no harm. 

Source: wikihow

3. Stops and take a dump. 

Interpretation: I was here! This is my territory! 

Source: petwave

4. Your dog suddenly goes still and shows the whites of his eyes. 

Interpretation: That person makes me so mad, I could just jump and give him a bite if he comes near.

Source: dogwalker

5. Your dog stares at somebody from the corners of his eyes over and over again and then sniffs away. 

Interpretation: I am both anxious and interested in you. It’s so confusing, let me have more whiffs at you. 

Source: all-about-rottweiler-dog-breed

6.Your dog lunges and barks at other calm-natured dogs while leashed.  

Interpretation: I am feeling so restrained. See how others are so free. Please free me! I want to meet them!

Source: edmontonjournal

7. Your dog starts to chew his leash seeing other dog enjoying an activity like a session of fetch. 

Interpretation: How exciting! can I have it too?!

Source: sniffseattle

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