Where Pit Bulls Came From

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions swirling around Pit Bulls. So to help us understand more about them let us go back to the past and learn the truth about them.

1. They were bred in England and were brought to America by the settlers.

Source: workingpitbull

2. Pit Bulls were often used in bear baiting, a blood sport in  England which bears were publicly tortured for the entertainment.

Source: terriblyterrier

3. After bear baiting was outlawed in England, the sport of ratting became popular. A pit was filled with rats and dogs competed to see who could kill all of them in the shortest time.

Source: pitbullregistry

4. These dogs were bred to fight other dogs and animals, combining the strength of the English Bulldog with the fearless nature of a terrier.

Source: workingpitbull

5. In the old days, Pit Bulls found many uses on farms, from hunting, to protection, to helping with livestock.

Source: badrap

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