Why Do Dogs become Angry?

There are many reasons why Dogs become Aggressive. It is best to understand and learn to identify the signs and scenarios when dogs become Angry.

Here are several of the most common ones found among all breeds:

1. Dominance Aggression.  When your dog consistently growls, snaps, or bites when a person does something, or asks the dog to do something which the dog does not like.  The dog is trying to control the situation with her reaction, rather than allowing a person to have control.

Source: controllingaggressivedogs

2. Food Aggression. Dogs with food aggression may stiffen their body, show teeth, growl, snap, or bite when they are approached by a person or another animal when they are in possession of or near a food-related item.

Source: askthedogguy

3. Fear Aggression. This can be caused through lack of early socialization, bad breeding and sometimes lack of handling at an early age, starting as young as two weeks old.

Source: dogtraining

4. Predatory Aggression. This can be directed at many things including dogs, cats, or anything that stimulates a chase response. Squirrels are a favourite, as their quick jerky movements seem to stimulate even the most placid of dogs.

Source: cesarsway

Watch out for our next post about how to handle aggressive dogs.

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