Why Is My Dog Trembling? The Three Sides Of Dog Shakes

Are there times when you notice your dog trembling?  This happens to dogs every now and then. A lot of dog owners have expressed their worry and confusion as to this peculiar behavior.


Below are the three reasons and explanations as to why your dog is shivering and quivering.

1.  Your dog is anxious.   It could be from a car ride to the vet or a thunderstorm.  This might indicate that your pet is confused, suffers from uncertainty and simply feels lost.


When your dog is trembling with anxiousness, this could be paired with crouching, rapid panting, excessive salivation and whimpering.   The poor thing!


2. Your dog is purely excited.  Your dog could be trembling out of innocent, pure and unadulterated happiness and enthusiasm.


When your dog trembles with excitement,  it’s because he loves you and he missed you a great deal when you were away, and that’s a good thing!  He will probably also bark and even wet himself.


3.  Your dog is suffering from a medical condition.    Your dog could be  poisoned or feverish.  Other sickness that causes trembling are chronic renal failure, neurological disorders and canine distemper.


In these situations book a routine veterinary checkup for your pet so you can determine if the trembling is medically related.


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