Your 6 Well Intentioned Ways Are Destroying Your Dog’s Life

You may love your dog with all your heart.  You would do anything to make your doggy safe and loved.  But it turns out, pretty much everything you do when interacting with dogs, is wrong in some way.


1. Punishing your dog after you found out it has destroyed or pooped on something.

Yelling at your dog might make you feel better. But this doesn’t help the dog at all.  Dogs don’t understand human language.  All they know is that they think you are angry for some mysterious reason.

Right way: Do the reverse. Reward your dog for every good deed.


2.  Yelling at an Aggressive or a Barking Dog

Dogs bark for various reasons, it’s is one of the few ways they can tell humans they are there and they want attention for some reason.  When you yell at dogs who are agrressive or barking, they would think that you are also angry or you want to join in the barking.

Right way:  Ignore him, distract him or train him to bark on command.


3.  Comforting it When it’s Scared

Dogs get scared, sometimes for stupid reasons like the vacuum cleaner or loud sounds.  When you try and pet him or comfort him during these stressful times, as praise for his behavior and will continue in that behavior.

Right way:  Try to create an atmosphere of normalcy by calmly playing a game you usually play together or distract the dog.


4. Scolding it For Peeing on the Floor

Dogs pee for a lot of reasons, like because they can.  Also, they pee  to mark their territory. But some dogs pee because they have low self-esteem.  For these submissive types dogs, scolding them will just make them pee on the floor some more to show you how totally in charge you are.

Right way:  you need to make him feel like a champ by sitting down at his level and avoiding eye contact. When you first get home, you might even want to ignore him for a while until he’s calm enough to take a greeting.



5.  Giving it a Bone

We have seen dogs joyfully gnawing at bones since time immemorial. Actually, bones can break dogs’ teeth, cut up their mouth or tongue if splintered, cut up their insides with bone fragments or cause them to bleed out the ass.

Right way: Give it a chew treat or a bully stick. They are digestible and safer for your dogs chewing instinct.


6. Pure breeding

Breed standards put out by organizations like the American Kennel Club lay out precise specifications for each breed. But the standards are almost completely physical, with only vague terms describing behavior. Some of the standards aren’t even physically good for the dogs. Almost all purebred bulldogs have to be delivered by C-section because people kept breeding the dogs for bigger and bigger heads while they still have the same tiny hips.

Some people think that pure breeding should be stopped but that is a practice that would be quite difficult to forget.  Still, the next time you’re deciding what breed to choose, keep in mind that your best bet is a happy, healthy dog.


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